DoB: “Cancel Power” LED Lighting

As we all know, the drive power is the core of LED lighting. LED lighting fixtures are known for their energy efficiency, intelligence and long life, but these are basically achieved by relying on good drive power. Industry rumors that “100 LED lights are broken, 99 are driving power problems. ” As the “heart” of LED lighting, its quality directly affects the advantages and disadvantages of LED lighting. LED drivers account for about 20% of the cost of the lamp, which not only affects the cost, but also affects the light efficiency, and also determines the life of the LED lamp. Today I want to introduce a new LED driver – DoB.

DoB (onboard driver) or no driver, we usually call it “walking” power, not without power, but cancel the traditional AC / DC conversion, combining the LED driver circuit with the LED string circuit. This is a new driving method different from the traditional switching power supply, and it is a new driving method derived from LED characteristics.

Efficient drive ICs and high voltage LEDs are building blocks for DOB. “In terms of smart lighting, linear IC drivers have inherent advantages over traditional switching power supplies. Traditional power supplies can also achieve smart lighting, but cost or system integration costs far exceed linearity,” said Director Zhao Chunbo.

Simplify lighting development

DOB with high voltage LEDs will be a trend. LED packaging and driver factories are working together to promote DOB with high-voltage LED solutions, which eliminate components such as inductors, electrolytic capacitors, transformers, etc., further reducing printed circuit board size and production cost (PCB) lighting systems, and eliminating The integration of the luminaire to the LED light source. The processing circuit of the drive circuit.

Maxell Technology Marketing Director Lance Zheng said that LED lighting systems companies have gradually increased their willingness to adopt DOB solutions to reduce the production costs of low-end product lines, which is expected to promote the penetration of the DOB market. climb.

NPD DisplaySearch analyst Yan Qingwei pointed out that because DOB can help lighting manufacturers to simplify development steps and reduce production costs, it is particularly suitable for new or lack of development capabilities of lighting suppliers, and production bulbs suitable for alternative light sources such as light sources will become low. The mainstream of the end lighting market.

Reduce BOM cost

In addition to simplifying lamp development, DOB has introduced high-voltage LED light sources and drive circuits that significantly reduce overall bill of materials (BOM) costs. It is well known that conventional direct current (DC) LEDs are driven by a DC power source. To be used in commercial power supplies, an AC-DC rectifier must be added, which will result in energy loss during power conversion, and the large size of the drive circuit allows for flexible design of the luminaire. In contrast, DOB uses high-voltage LEDs that can be directly driven by commercial voltages, plus a compact high-voltage driver circuit, which has the advantages of small size, high power factor (PF) and high luminous efficiency.

Not only that, the high-voltage drive circuit does not need to input electrolytic capacitors and output capacitors. It is a circuit design with no capacitors, which can get rid of the defects of electrolytic capacitors and shorten the service life of the power supply. In addition, the circuit works in linear mode instead of the traditional one. High frequency mode. It saves external components such as high frequency inductors; at the same time, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) circuits can be omitted due to electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems, which can reduce overall material cost and reduce board size.

Current DoB IC issues

1) Low light bulb utilization and low efficiency

2) The linear adjustment rate is poor, the heat dissipation is difficult, and the operating voltage range caused by flashover or the like is narrow.

3) 100HZ power frequency strobe

4) Single IC drive power is small, up to 9W

From the standpoint of stability, safety, performance parameters and cost, DOB products with linear IC drive solutions are ideal for applying smart lighting products. In fact, DOB has become a hot topic for smart lighting smart drivers. Due to the late start of the domestic market, the traditional power supply manufacturers refused or even suppressed the “no electricity” products to some extent hindered the development of this innovative technology. But as long as we continue to explore and solve the above core issues, DoB IC drive solutions will become the future of LED drivers.